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Product Photography, Done Differently!


Turning businesses into brands through
E-commerce photography & Brand Photography.

Your Brand
is Worth it

Ecommerce Product photography for your Website, Amazon, & Online Store.

Brands we work with

Brands who have put their trust in us

Introductory Image Strategy Sessions

Comprehensive image review to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable steps to increase brand visuals

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Ecommerce Photography for CPG Brands

E-commerce and lifestyle photoshoots that are aligned with our image strategy to create highly effective imagery for your brand

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Brand Execution
& Image Optimization

Actionable planning and image optimization to enhance your Website, Branding, SEO, Marketing, and Social Media upon image execution

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Everything you need for Ecommerce Photography



Turn around time for the project was like an F1 pit stop.
Precise and well executed.


Sovereign Smoke

How Product Photography should impact your brand.


Increase Conversion Rates

Strong & accurate Product Photography not only educates & builds trust with your customers but has the ability to increase conversion rates between 22%-60%

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Industries Serviced

Creating imagery focused on your digital platform of choice. All images are optimized for:


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Up Level your Brand

Consistent imagery provides trust when your customer views your store. Your images should have a positive impact on the website heirarchy and sales process. Does your imagery tell the story of your brand?

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Attract New Customers and Retain Existing Ones

Being consistent with your imagery has drastic effect on customer loyalty. If imagery is not aligned, you open the door for confusion and uncertainty. Retain customers without confusion.

Offering integrated photography solutions tailored to your brand. 

Why Us?

Prospect Street Studio is a brand photography agency
specialized in enhancing ecommerce business to
strategically improve their visual presence to increase
their conversion rates and reduce returns through
accurate and professional product photography.

Learn how to enhance your product imagery & online store by working with a ecommerce photography studio.

Lets Chat
About your brand.

Product photography agency in Massachusetts specializing in 
Ecommerce & Brand Photography

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Product Photography for E-commerce Businesses

Book a call with us today and see how our strategy can help you and your team up level your ecommerce photography. As a dedicated Ecommerce Photography Studio we will handle the product photography for your website, Amazon product listings, and marketing materials, so you can focus on growing your brand.

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