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ECommerce Product Photography for
Amazon and CPG Brands

Prospect Street Studio is located in Worcester MA, but works with E-commerce businesses in person and virtually. We specialize in photography that aligns with your overall brand and up levels your business.

We provide professional and high-quality images that will help you to showcase your products in the best way, while increasing your sales and brand awareness. All out e-commerce shoots are personalized to your product to shot it off in the best light.

Virtual and In Person Photoshoots are available. Virtual Photoshoots are managed over zoom and In person can be at the Worcester MA Studio or at your place of business if you are in New England

Grow Your Vision

At Prospect Street Studio in Worcester, MA, led by Carrington Crothers, we specialize in using photography as a powerful sales tool to help businesses thrive online. Creating strategic images to attract attention and create a positive first impression, that wont deter potential buyers and harm your brand's reputation. Detailed photos help online shoppers see features and textures, aiding in informed purchasing decisions and reducing returns. Professional photos also enhance credibility, making customers more likely to trust your brand and the quality of your products. Consistent product photography strengthens brand identity and recognition, helping your business stand out in a crowded market. By being strategic about ecommerce product photography early on, you can ensure product success and establish a strong, recognizable brand.

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