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On Location Product and Brand Photography to increase Customer Trust and Conversion

Bring us on location with you to capture your product or service in a real world setting.  We will work with you to create imagery that will benefit your brand, website, and marketing materials. Whether you are a manufacturing business or a CPG brand - we will work with you to create lifestyle imagery that your customers will connect with!

Grow Your Vision

In the competitive world of ecommerce, high-quality product photography, especially lifestyle and on-location photography with models, is essential for growing your business and building a strong brand. At Prospect Street Studio in Worcester, MA, led by Carrington Crothers, specializes in using this lifestyle of photography as a powerful sales tool to help businesses thrive online. Including people & models in your images helps potential customers connect with your products and brand on a personal level. These detailed, relatable photos enable online shoppers to visualize how the products will look and feel in real life, aiding in informed purchasing decisions and reducing returns. Professional, model-inclusive photos enhance credibility, making customers more likely to trust your brand and the quality of your products. 

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