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Why Product Photography is Important

Prospect Street Studio is a brand photography agency specializing in up leveling e-commerce brands. Through the blogs below, you will learn how product photography can have a massive impact on the success of your business. Learn how product photography can impact your e-commerce brands conversion rates, return rates, customer trust, and brand consistency. 

Product photography plays a pivotal role in shaping the perception of ecommerce brands, as it directly influences consumers' purchasing decisions. High-quality and visually appealing product images not only showcase items in their best light but also build trust, increase conversion rates, and enhance the overall shopping experience, ultimately contributing to a brand's success in the competitive online marketplace.

Nostalgia is the Name: The story behind Prospect Street Studio

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Prospect Street Studio

Once most people hit a certain age, most people will begin to look back at their lives and consider all the sad, funny, regretful, and happy moments. It's hard not to look back; it's an essential part of life that allows us to realize just how far we've come.

Recently, I spoke with a friend about this. She took me on a journey 15 years back and talked through one of her most treasured memories. Because that moment was so cherished by her, the story was invigorating, vivid, and detailed. When we encounter moments like this, we can almost put ourselves in their shoes and feel their emotions.

Emotions are powerful and are the base of human interactions. Your thoughts evoke emotion, and those emotions then prompt action. It's these actions that will then attract those who are emotionally connected to you, such as friends, colleagues, spouses, and significant others. Every day that passes with the people who are connected with you, create memories. Some of these memories may be short-term, and others long-term. The long term memories, are the ones that are powerful - they live within us - they have a part in defining who we are.

Sometimes, when we think back on our lives, it's hard to identify one place or moment that will be forever ingrained in our memory. It's also impossible to know what we'll reflect on in years to come. I'm a firm believer that my path will develop naturally; I don't have to force it or create it myself. It's precisely this belief that gave life to Prospect Street Studio.

I spent the first years of my professional career operating under my own name - Carrington Crothers. But that was never what I wanted. I knew I wanted something else, but I didn't know what. For a time, I struggled - what do I name my business? How do I know it's right? When I choose it, I can't go back. The fear of choosing the wrong name was strong. I had so many ideas, and felt one had to be chosen, but at the same time - nothing felt right.

These thoughts ran through my mind like a pinball machine day after day for nearly three years. I just didn't get it. So, I told myself, when the time is right - you'll know. Just like that, I stopped worrying about it - well I forced myself to stop worrying. A year went by, and changing the name of my business hadn't crossed my mind until I was driving home one beautiful afternoon.

When I have the opportunity to literally drive down memory lane, I do. For me, that means driving past my grandparents' house. It was sold when I was 22-years old, and even though it is not a home I can physically walk into anymore, it's still a home I'll never forget. I’ll always remember the rooms, the smell, the layout - I can go back there in my mind anytime I want. The one part of the house that made it a home, was that it was a home for everyone. Literally - so many people have spent days, weeks, or months in that house. There aren't many places in the world where no matter who you are, you're greeted with a warm heart and a hot meal. There isn't a single bad story anyone can tell about that house.

In 2019, on that beautiful afternoon, I drove past that little white house, the source of so many wonderful and happy memories for me. I could picture my grandparents waving goodbye to my brother and I from the side porch of the sunroom, with warm smiles and the American flag blowing behind them as we drove away. The house has changed over time, but it is still the little white house on the corner.

Prospect Street Marlborough MA

That's when I knew the memory could live on, and I could choose to live my life and conduct my business with the same qualities that held those walls together. At that moment, it all came full circle, and I knew Prospect Street Studio was my future. My thoughts evoked emotions, which prompted action and led to a future and a name I can be proud of.

Prospect Street Studio is a Product Photography Agency in Worcester Massachusetts


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