The Importance of Choosing The Right Prop For Your Photo Session

Photography props are used to enhance and support the main subject that you are photographing. The main subject in a photograph could range from footwear to beverages to accessories, etc. For example, the accessories you wear are meant to compliment your outfit just like the props in a photo are meant to enhance the subject of the photograph. You may not wear snow boots with shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of the summer. When it comes to accessorizing the subject you are photographing the concept is very similar. Thus, it is crucial to keep in mind that props can make or break a photo. Therefore, a photographer needs to understand your brand, mission, and the ideal client to know how to put together an image that will sell.

Below are four reasons that may convince you to use the right props in your product photography

1. Props Can Impact The Overall Mood

The use of color and prop functions can act as an effective way of stimulating your customer's overall mood. For instance, the use of colorful flowers in your product photo will make your customer feel happy and cheerful. On the other hand, using old furniture, such as an old stool and some vintage books, will create a nostalgic atmosphere. The use of unusual props such as flamboyant masks and big hats can create a whimsical and quirky mood for your customers. When a photograph has a strong aesthetic appeal there is an increased percentage in sales and pleased customers.

2. Props Can Help You Make a Silent Communication

Good use of props can take a product story beyond the plain texts and words. When executed correctly you can create a memorable association for your customers. As a result, an excellent product prop can be more effective than the associated words. As a marketer, during your product photo sessions, make sure to consider the power of the right props, for they help tell your brand's story concisely to your audience. For instance, when photographing a winter-themed shoot some props you may consider snowflakes, scarves, mittens, hot cocoa, etc. On the other hand, you can also use props that tell the core values of the brand. For example, since healthy, sugar-free and all-natural beverages are on the rise, photographing them with their ingredients or other natural props, such as plants or paper straws, can help your customers visualize these core values.

3. Accessorizing Your Images Can Help Set You Apart From The Competition

Feeling that your product is 100% unique is understandable, but knowing there are competitors you need to set yourself apart from is important. Knowing how to differentiate yourself in a saturated market will get you noticed. To set yourself apart from your competitors, show your brand's mission with a strong use of photography that includes the right props. When you properly execute the combination of props to enhance your product, it will result in a direct correlation to the positive reaction you receive from your customers.

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